White Label Music

W.L.M.  is an independent label based in Windsor, U.K.
Directors: Marc Hunter, Ann Shenton [Add N to X]

Releases include;
  ELECTRONIC BIBLE series (a compilation series including tracks from Jarvis Cocker, Sonic Boom, High Lamas, Billy Ray Martin, Hiem, Pony harvest, Delia Derbyshire of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop & The Asbo kid aka EMF). Plus selected vinyl and a host of other top electronica both on physical release and downloadable from i-tunes.

W.L.M. also hosts the SONIC WEEKEND experiments which create an opportunity for up to 20 artists to record on location twice a year. The resulting album [produced by Pierre Duplan] is owned 100% by the artists.

W.L.M. embraces experimental music, a unique label that offers its own sync deal for all artists; TOURETTES PUBLISHING.

W.L.M. also works with Moscow based major label SOYUZ.